Sparrow study, coloured pencils on Strathmore Bristol smooth paper.
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Sparrow study, coloured pencils on Strathmore Bristol smooth paper.

Starting off the New Year with another miniature study, an ideal subject and task to get myself back into the right mindset.

2019 was certainly an eventful year, one which saw my work go from it’s biggest and most detailed, to the smallest detailed work and using a whole new medium to me: coloured pencils. The progress I’ve made with this medium is as satisfying as it is encouraging, and I would not have dreamt of achieving detailed little studies such as this previously. So what better way to continue on?

This little study piece was a great subject to work on with those warm browns and muted yellows, with plenty of soft greys and subtle details. Sparrows are wonderfully detailed little birds, with the males such as this one sporting beautiful chestnut brown feathers and markings. Such details always make for a nice challenge to work on, and this one was certainly no exception. I did have to fight this one a little bit as it just didn’t want to work as well as I would have liked, but ultimately I think I managed to bring it together well to make for a handsome little study.

Sparrows are one of those birds that most people in the UK are familiar with, to the extent that they are often ignored due to them being “common”. However, they have suffered from a huge population decline since the 1970’s, down by around 70% (RSPB figures, 2020). So how long these birds will remain “common” is open for discussion.

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