02-10-20 – Tawny Owl WIP
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02-10-20 – Tawny Owl WIP

If there’s one type of bird I really like and admire, its owls of all sorts. They do come in all sorts of wonderful sizes, patterns and colours, all of which have their own unique character and nuance. Tawny Owls, a rarely seen native of Britain are easily one of my favourites due to their fantastic colouration and patterning: and I thought it was certainly about time that I had a go at drawing one in coloured pencil.

I have done a Tawny Owl before now in graphite, and that piece works well in showing the pattern, but to really get an idea of the depth and warmth of the pattern you need the information that colour would give you. And that is partly why I’m attempting colour with this piece. That and I just fancied drawing one as I really liked how this particular owl was sitting with its head exactly in profile giving a great view of its face disk. Once this piece starts to come along down it’s back, you’ll see much more of the pattern and all those soft warm browns and subtle reddish tones. Very much enjoying getting my teeth into this one and looking forward to seeing how this one progresses.

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