04-11-20 – Tawny Owl WIP

04-11-20 – Tawny Owl WIP

Its been a while sinse I updated this one as I’ve been enjoying some time off with my partner over the half term. But not that the schools are back in (for now at least!) I’ve been back on it.

As you can see, I’ve been making some progress over the face and head area. The depth of the feathers and that incredibly dense texture is a challenge to work with, but I think the overall look makes for a very interesting composition. Now that this area has been worked up, I’ve not got a choice to make as to whether I work on each wing area separately or work on them as a whole. Either way would be just fine, with their own advantages and disadvantages. But I’ll see what happens when I start work on them. For now it is progressing well, if slowly.

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