10-11-20 – Tawny Owl WIP

10-11-20 – Tawny Owl WIP

I’ve been continuing on with this project, and as you can see I’ve been gradually working down the left side of the bird to fill out the wing. The variety of tones and subtle textures within this area alone is quite intense, required several different colours and blending them together. This makes it a very labour intensive piece to work on, but I’m happy with the effect that I’m achieving.

With the area that I’ve worked up so far I do need to balance it up a bit more, such as putting more darker tone towards the edge to create an impression of volume and solidity. For now though, I’m happy with how it is before I start to work on the right side.

However, I’ll have to put this piece to one side for the time being as I’ve a time sensitive commission to work on, so I’ll have to focus on that for the moment. At least I’ve got this piece to a place where I can comfortably park it before picking it up again.

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