16-11-20 – Sam WIP

16-11-20 – Sam WIP

This handsome chap is alas no longer with us, and I’ve been commissioned to create two portraits of him. This one is the first one with a tighter deadline, the other being a larger piece for Christmas.

At this point I’ve just mapped out the entire piece, and there are a few areas that need a bit of attention before I blend and work it up towards finishing. Notably I’d like to get a little more base pigment onto the eyes and the nose needs a touch more description before it gets blended. As this is the base layer, it isn’t too difficult to do as its just a layer of pigment rather than depicting any specific details: that comes in during the stage after when the entire piece gets worked up. The medallion is more of a fiction but if the client likes it I’ll work it up before blending: if not, I’ll take it out and smooth the fur over as if it was never there.

Otherwise I’m happy with how its looking so far, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing this one really come to life during the next stage.

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