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The portrait of this much beloved and sorely missed scamp Sam is now finished and ready to be sent off to the client. Sam was a happy dog that I had the privilege of meeting a couple of times, and he was always a very bouncy happy boy indeed. With his bright eyes and long lolling tongue, he would effortlessly capture the hearts of anyone who he met. It was this character that I wanted to really bring across in this piece, to capture some essence of his vitality.

His lustrous black fur, which was always incredibly soft and shiny even in his old age, was a joy to capture on paper: a good amount of various shades of blues, grey and sepia all combining to create a depth of colour and texture that exudes life far more-so than if I had just drawn it all in black. His eyes too, one in bright sunlight and the other in shadow were just wonderful to depict: so much joy in them as he was laying in the sun having just had a swim in the sea. He always did have the most characterful soulful eyes.

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