29-01-21 – Tawny Owl WIP

29-01-21 – Tawny Owl WIP

I had a very busy end of 2020 with a set of commissions and then Christmas. In the New Year I wasn’t feeling inclined to pick this one up again as I fancied a change of pace so I was having a bit of a play with other mediums instead for a while. This break of pace was a welcomed refresh, as I was soon up and running and keen to get back on with with one.

This week I’ve been gradually working in the near wing, down the right side of the piece. Each area needs its specific attention to build up the tone and detail, then blended down and worked into once more if required. It does take time to build up each area properly, which is definitely what makes this one a marathon rather than a sprint. It is progressing well though and I’m nearly through the entire owl. Next stage is to work up the tail feathers and then the underside of the bird before working on the perch.

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