Contact and Pricing

I’m available for commission work for either your beloved family pet or a particular type of animal that you or a loved one has a passion for.

Feel free to find me at my Facebook page here.

Or you can email me at:

Prices are variable, and custom sizes can be accommodated. For quick reference, please refer to the table below:

Please note:
1. This is not an exhaustive list, for any additional enquiries, please contact me.

2. The above list is for a single subject portrait.

3. Additional changes will be charged at £10 per change.

4. Prices are subject to change without notice, but once a piece of work has started and a price agreed upon, that will be the final price.

5. Postage and packaging will be additional depending on customer’s requirements.

6. All works carried out of my copyright and cannot be used, copied, manipulated or sold by any method or format without my express written permission.

7. I reserve the right to use any work created for self publication and advertising.