Red Squirrel: Descending.
Graphite, Wildlife

Red Squirrel: Descending.

“Red Squirrel: Descending”

Red Squirrel in graphite on paper, 292mm x 460mm.
Red Squirrels, a much beloved native British mammal are always a fantastic subject to depict. This one was more of a challenge due to the tree it is climbing down, it’s inquisitive nature drawing it down to the ground to perhaps find some food or locate a stored caché of food.
Unfortunately, they are under a considerable amount of pressure as a species, due to competition from the much larger North American Grey squirrel, disease and habitat loss. The hold-outs they have are few and far between. There is some positive news from Ireland however, where they are benefiting from the native Pine Martens predating the greys. So hopefully, if more efforts can go into improving the lot of the Pine Martens here too, these gorgeous red furred natives can mount a come back over a wider area.

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