Awara the drifter
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Awara the drifter

“Awara – The Drifter”

Swimming Tiger, graphite on paper, 600mm x 460mm (23.6” x 18.1”).

Tigers: strong swimmers, magnificent animals, adapted to their environment and superbly so. They have their territories and roam them frequently to find food, find a mate and protect their space. But pressures from other tigers makes things difficult for them, and pressure from humans even more so: causing them stray into “human” territory which was once theirs resulting in conflict that very often means the tiger comes off poorly. Care must be taken to preserve these majestic animals before they drift off into the darkness for good. Efforts are being made, and some with excellent results. But more can always be done, and must be done. A healthy ecosystem needs a top tier predator to help maintain balance.

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