“Aurelian”, Horse Portrait in coloured pencil on drawing film.
Coloured Pencil, Pets

“Aurelian”, Horse Portrait in coloured pencil on drawing film.

“Aurelian”, Horse portrait in coloured pencil on drawing film, A4.

Owing to a significant hardware difficulty, this one has been longer in being updated and uploaded than I had originally anticipated. However, that has now been remedied and he’s not finished and uploaded.

This one was a good challenge to get my teeth into, the different colours, tones and textures were all very interesting to try and depict, each their own requirements and finish. I hadn’t attempted anything this complex before with such a variety of texture and tone in coloured pencil, so it was an interesting project to work on. Overall, I think I pulled it off quite well, there’s some nice depth to the piece and a lot of character. I’m particularly fond of how the lighting is shown just lightly illuminating the left of the head, with the touches of vagrant hair picking out shadows and form. The bridle was it’s own challenge too, especially all those minute gems and the stitching. These are areas that I think I still need to work on, but for a first attempt at these they came out OK I think.

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