Bee, study in coloured pencil.
Coloured Pencil, Wildlife

Bee, study in coloured pencil.

Bee study in coloured pencil on Strathmore smooth

Usually I work on velum surface paper as it has a good tooth to it and takes many layers quite easily. I do however have a small pack of these “trading card” pieces which have a smooth surface, so a small study was just perfect for trying this surface out. And what better subject to try it out than a wonderful bee? Just as well really as I hadn’t up until this point drawn a bee: about time to remedy that I thought. So I did!

The paper was pleasant to use, which took many layers of the coloured pencil nicely and the surface didn’t scuff up and degrade during work. And the bee itself came out nicely, and I’m pleased with how it looks.

Would be nice to say that bees are doing OK, but alas they are not. Habitat loss and use of pesticides are not helping them at all, but we can help: any patch of ground where something can be planted can be used to plant a bee friendly plant, that will not only look great and smell great, but help our vital little buzzing friends.

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