11-03-20 – Barn Owl WIP

11-03-20 – Barn Owl WIP

Its been a while since I’ve done a reasonably big project, so I thought I’d push myself with this one. I’ve not done a big project in coloured pencil yet, and subjects in dynamic poses is also something I’ve yet to venture into really, so there’s nothing like jumping in with both to get my skills pushed that bit further.

This one is going to be an interesting piece to work on, in particular the subject’s pose and the dynamism it has. Not only that, the scale too is quite big and it will be done with my customary amount of detail. Early days with this one, but its off to a good start: I particularly like the variety of colour around the head area, and the speckled markings along the back: these will be the biggest challenge I think, getting all those in. But it’ll be worth it, I’m sure.

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