27-03-20 – Barn Owl WIP
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27-03-20 – Barn Owl WIP

I’ve been putting the hours in on this one this week, and in doing so I’ve managed to work the left wing in and make a start on the right.

The left wing has had a second layer of work done on it, followed by some painting with thinners to diffuse the pigments a bit. Whilst I was waiting for that to dry, I made a start on the right wing, focussing on the long feathers so far towards the upper third. The left wing has also seen a refinement on the top two feathers, moving them more towards the finished work. The difference here is very noticeable, and the rest will be finished towards this level too. This will be the next task, before completing the work on the right wing. At least with a project like this, there is always something to work on!

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