31-03-20 – Barn Owl WIP

31-03-20 – Barn Owl WIP

I’ve been pushing on with this project over today and yesterday, and as you can see I’ve got the right wing underside and leading edge filled in much stronger. This area has also been blended with Zest It to smooth the pigment out, fill in the grain of the paper and adjust the colours more towards their final state.

Now I’ve just got to leave this area to dry before I can move further with it, and then I’ll make a start on the main body of the owl itself.

One thing that is quite challenging about this part is the translucency of the wing: the light is coming through, but is being blurred by the feathers so the colour is very diffuse. So far, this is working rather well I think, and during the next stage it’ll be much better defined.

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