“Barn Owl”
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“Barn Owl”

“Barn Owl”, coloured pencils on paper, 287mm x 460, by Martyn Fox.

Today saw, after several hours of work, the completion of this piece. This one is, to date the largest and most detailed piece of work I’ve created in coloured pencil, and I’m very proud of how it came out.

Barn Owls are one of those birds that I don’t see too often, but when I do it is a very memorable one. The way they effortlessly glide over the country side as they hunt, and the speed with which they can change direction is mesmerising. I always stop and enjoy them when I can, always in awe of them. As they are hunters that favour the early morning or late evening so there’s some light in the sky still, they can often appear to glow in the low sun, their white feathers seeming to shine with hints of orange, yellows, greys and browns. It is this that I tried to depict in this piece, with the translucency of the wings, the darker shadowy areas on the underside, the softness of the texture and the golden glow of the wings and body. I wanted to make this piece to be very striking, and I think I managed that with some more unusual colour choices and tone.

The aim of this project was to push myself in what I could do with coloured pencils as I’m still relatively new to the medium. Needless to say, I learnt a lot in doing this piece and thoroughly enjoyed the process too. There are areas that I’d like to do better in, but then again there always will be. But I’m confident in taking what I’ve learnt here and pushing ever onwards to create even more colourful, dynamic and colourful pieces of work.

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