21-04-20 – Dog portrait WIP
Work in progress

21-04-20 – Dog portrait WIP

Following the completion of the Barn Owl, I felt the need to take a step away from the drawing board for a while as I was burnt out to be honest. Anything I tried to do just wasn’t satisfactory and I was getting frustrated: sure signs that I needed a break.

But now I’m feeling much better, so have decided to make a start on what will prove to be a challenging piece in its own right: a very pale, almost white dog. He’s not entirely white, unless he’s in very bright sunshine, and he’s got lots of subtle tints and streaks in his fur that will make for an interesting portrait. At the moment I’m just blocking out the main areas, and I’m currently about half way through that here. Next stage is to complete the mapping out stage, then I’ll make a decision as to how to proceed with this one. As it is, I’m happy with the start.

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