“Rogal”, dog portrait in coloured pencil on paper, by Martyn Fox
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“Rogal”, dog portrait in coloured pencil on paper, by Martyn Fox

“Rogal”, coloured pencil on A4 paper, dog portrait by Martyn Fox.

Today saw the completion of this handsome chap, a handsome chap who is easily the handsomest chap there is and the best of the Very Good Boys as well! Why? Because he’s my dog!

Honestly, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to work on next after the Barn Owl, and as luck would have it myself and my partner took this handsome boy in at the very beginning of the lock-down. The rescue centre we got him from was frantically trying to find homes for all of their animals, either through adoption or fostering. We had met him only twice before he came to us, and he was incredibly nervous of people, especially men. A month later however and he’s now a completely different dog. He’s slotted in very nicely and is not a confident, boisterous ball of energy and love. His overall condition has improved markedly, and the subtle colours in his fur is now really starting to come out.

He was a challenging one to draw though, as his fur is largely pale to be almost white. The tones of brown and tan are very subtle over the top of his head and over his back, the rest being a very clean white. His ears though are a lovely mixture of very pale tones, and he has one ear which sticks out at a strange angle: but that’s part of what makes him the unique rascal that he is! He also has very dark brown eyes, they’re a rich deep colour that is just a joy to portray: I’ve actually lightened them for this portrait as they’d be almost pure sepia otherwise. A challenge to finish, but I’m glad I got there: he’s one very happy boy now and very deserving of a portrait to go in his new home.

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