05-05-20 – Harvest Mouse WIP

05-05-20 – Harvest Mouse WIP

Having completed two rather intense pieces of work in fairly close proximity to one-another, I fancied something fairly quick to get stuck into: so what better than a sweet little harvest mouse? Not exactly the right time of year for it, but they’ll be around munching on tasty bits and pieces as they skitter about and (hopefully!) avoid predators.

With this one I’m trying to be a bit looser, a bit freer and more spontaneous with it: thought it doesn’t look it, this colour under layer is quite a bit more intense than I usually make it, and was also laid down in a much quicker time-scale too. That’s not to say I was rushing it, not at all: I was just making quicker more “gut feeling” decisions as to which colours to use where, which is why there’s quite a bit of purple in there as well as blues, greys and soft pinks.

Next stage is to blend things out and work up those colours a bit more towards completion. A nice quick small piece to work on is quite refreshing I find.

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