Harvest Mouse
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Harvest Mouse

“Harvest Mouse”, coloured pencil on A4 Strathmore paper, by Martyn Fox.

Today saw the completion of this sweet little one, a nice quick project to work on. And I’ve got to say, I’m very happy with how it came out. The determination to make quick decisions on colour choices and how to go about completing this piece saw it come together very quickly indeed, without sacrificing any of the quality of detail that I like.

The Harvest Mouse is a native British mouse, and one that prefers living in grassland, hedgerows, near farmland and woodland boundaries. They are notable for being the only British mammal with a prehensile tail, using it grasp onto nearby stalks as a fifth limb to support itself as it eats. They are not a species I’ve seen personally, but hopefully I will one day. They live predominantly in the southern half of the UK and into Wales, but appear to not be able to deal with the colder climate further north than that.

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