Eyed Hawk Moth, coloured pencil on paper.
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Eyed Hawk Moth, coloured pencil on paper.

Last week, we had this beautiful visitor to the garden, which settled for a couple of days on a red heuchera plant.

This particular moth is an Eyed Hawk Moth, so called because on its underwings there are eyed markings, much like a Peacock Butterfly. Alas, I didn’t get to see them as this one was sleeping. I was able to get a good number of shots of it before it departed: I just had to create a piece of work based on it, and this is the result. I was really taken by the contrast of the greyish brown and furry moth with the purples and reds of the plant. The combination of colours and the strong contrast I found to be just incredibly attractive, and was just asking to be drawn.

These moths are quite common, but this was the first time I’ve ever seen one. The do, according to the Butterfly and Moth conservation society website, stay near to their larval plant over the winter and feed on various types of apple tree and Aspen, before emerging as an adult. They are quite large too, with a wingspan of some 80mm. A beautiful and very welcome visitor to the garden, and hopefully one we’ll see again.

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