03-06-20 – Young Cat WIP
Work in progress

03-06-20 – Young Cat WIP

I feel like its been a while since I’ve uploaded anything, and looking back at things I guess it has been. I did do a drawing last week, but I was not happy with it in the slightest, so I didn’t bother anyone with it. However, this week I’ve been making a start on this one: a young cat portrait.

I found this reference to be a particularly engaging one as it has that certain something about it that I think would be great for a portrait, as well as to keep my skills sharp and in some way to push them a little bit too. The reference itself isn’t the greatest, as not everything is well lit or in focus too well, but in a way that is perfect: not every shot you’ll get for a commission is the best ever photo, but it is my job nevertheless to try and create a good quality piece of work that captures the essence of the subject. Something that I always take great pride in doing, and with the reference being as it is, this presents its own challenge.

Early days with it as I’ve only mapped out the head and its major colour areas. It is quite a mixture of colour and pattern, which is going to be interesting to work on, and as the composition becomes more revealed it’ll be even more interesting to see this one come to life.

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