25-06-20 – Swallow WIP

25-06-20 – Swallow WIP

Whilst I was out and about early morning this week, I heard over head a lot of noise. Looking up, I saw several fast moving specks high up in the sky, darting here and there in a wonderful display of agility and speed. A flock of Swallows was after some high flying insects. I was just mesmerised by them, their deft skill in the air being something I always enjoy seeing. I also remembered that I hadn’t drawn a Swallow yet, which is surprising: so I thought I’d remedy that!

I’ve mapped this one out to roughly life-size and roughly accurate colours, and next I need to blend it out and then work up the colour. I’ve also been quite bold with the composition of this one, despite what it might look here. I’m using a lot of white space to show this little bird off, rather than being tight to the subject. I might also draw something underneath it, some water perhaps or tufts of grass. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll worry about that once I’ve worked up the subject a bit more.

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