08-07-20 – Red Kite WIP
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08-07-20 – Red Kite WIP

Red Kites: beautiful birds, simply put. They are a fairly recent success story in the UK, having enjoyed a very successful reintroduction program using their closest gene relations from Spain.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see one (and only one so far) of these gorgeous birds of prey in the wild, and it was idly soaring over the sunlit countryside. I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw it as it wasn’t anywhere I was expecting to see one, but the forked tail is quite unmistakable. They’ve got a lovely range of colours, various shades of golden browns, bronzes, reddish orange tints and the greyish white head, all flecked through with dark brown sepia streaks. Quite a stunning bird, really.

With this one, I really wanted a nice dramatic pose: so this one banking hard really fits the bill. Its a very long, but narrow piece which does lend itself to a very striking composition, and with the one eye looking at you as it turns makes it a very focussed piece too. There is quite a lot of foreshortening too, which is going to be a very interesting project to see completed.

I’m around half way through blocking this one in so far, and I think its going well. There’s a lot of small details, various shades which need to be taken into account and subtle variations even within the same feather: but what’s the point of doing easy pieces, right?

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