24-07-20 – Red Kite WIP

24-07-20 – Red Kite WIP

Since the last update, I’ve been beavering away at this one as you can see, and I’ve worked up the top wing. There are a few areas that will need a further look at and a tweak here and there, but overall even though I do say so myself, I’m very pleased with how this one is coming along.

My next task is to work on that tail, and this I think will be a very important area: it will have to finished to my usual high standard, but also be kept fairly light and delicate so as to not come too forward in the completion. I want the focus to remain very much on that intense eye as the bird is banking hard, and keeping the tail very light and delicate would go a long way to creating that illusion that it is coming right out of the page towards the viewer.

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