04-09-20 – Tiger Eyes sketch

04-09-20 – Tiger Eyes sketch

It would appear that August this year was a rather busy month for me, so much so that I was unable to get onto the drawing board following the completion of the Red Kite. Things have settled down a bit now however, so I’m now able to get back to drawing. Huzzah!

I thought I’d knock the rust off with a simple light sketch of one of my favourite subjects: some nice colourful eyes. What better then than some beautiful tiger eyes? I love the way they shine and combined with the thick colourful fur they always make for an interesting study and a nicely challenging piece to work on.

With this one I’m not expecting anything in particular, its being done more to get back into the mindset of drawing. I’ve worked up around half of it so far, with the right side still to be done. Its interesting however to see it at this point, as it shows the under layers and how these influence the top layers of pigment and detail. Very often what is underneath will change significantly once it is worked up to a more completed finish.

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