Tiger Eyes colour sketch
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Tiger Eyes colour sketch

For a sketch piece, I did somewhat get very involved in this one perhaps a little more than I had intended to do. But these things happens once you are into the swing of things.

With this one, I just wanted to do something fairly quick, challenging and colourful that would be a good way to get into the swing of drawing again after August. I think the forced break did me a little bit of good as this one just seemed to settle into place very nicely and although it is only a small section sketch it is nonetheless a high quality one that I’m very pleased with.

The detail in the eyes are subtle but bright and the fur has a luxurious thickness to it that I really like too. The tonal difference between the two halves too makes it a very eye-catching piece pins you into place with its stare: not one you’d really want to see baring down on you in the wild I think! A promising start to September, so lets see where it takes me next.

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