23-09-20 – Fox eye study comparison
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23-09-20 – Fox eye study comparison

I recently acquired two new colours of paper, both by Clairfontaine who also makes the Pastelmat paper I use from time to time for my pastel work. This paper however is thicker and rougher than my usual Strathmore paper, but not by much. It does make a difference though, as I’ve been experimenting with both the “Naturelle” colour and the “Gris” colour papers. I don’t seem to get quite as sharp and refined a detail as I would usually get, but this isn’t necessarily a problem – often those details are so fine that its almost indistinguishable to be honest (but I still like them). This paper also takes the point off of my pencils very quickly, so I do need to sharpen them more regularly but on the other hand it does take more layers. Swings and roundabouts I guess in that regard.

The two colours of paper do behave very similarly in terms of how the surface takes layers, but they do behave differently in how those colours show up once it has been laid on. The buff colour does really make the orangey browns really stand out, the colour is nice and strong and vivid. However, the paler colours do struggle to be seen on this one. The grey colour though really makes the lighter colours stand out very well, but the colours do tend towards being rather muted. Not by much, but enough to deaden the colour a little. This is something that I’ll need to experiment with a little more to try and find a way to get that nice vibrant colour to work.

Some interesting experimenting I think, and very encouraging so far.

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