08-10-20 – Tawny Owl WIP

08-10-20 – Tawny Owl WIP

I’ve been making steady progress on the Tawny Owl, gradually building up the initial tone and underlying texture. It is taking its time as there’s so much to get in, but it is a very satisfying project to see come together.

I’ve so far managed to plot the head in and have started work down the neck of the piece and starting work on the near wing. This can be discerned by the whiter feathers at an angle directly under the eye. I’m also trying a slightly different approach with this one, not that it should make a difference to the finished result. I’m marking out the darker areas first and then going back over those areas with the other tones to build up the body tone. I think its working so far, but remains to be seen if it is any quicker at this stage.

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