25-05-21 – Australian Sheppard Dog WIP

25-05-21 – Australian Sheppard Dog WIP

Its been a while since my last upload, as I’ve been rather busy, in a bit of a creative funk for a while and also having to deal with a shoulder injury that hampered my ability to draw for any length of time. BUT, I’m back and (almost) fighting fit.

So what better time to give a new (to me) paper to a go? This is Toned Tan Mixed Media paper by Strathmore, and is a tanned coloured surface rather than white and is also a heavier weight paper than what I usually use.

This piece is therefore more of a trial to see how this paper handles and where I currently am with it. If it requires a step-up in what I can create, then hopefully this paper will allow me to do so. And what better subject than a rather handsome Australian Sheppard Dog? These beautiful dogs are wonderfully multi-coloured, which makes for an interesting piece of work and a challenging piece to draw. At this stage I’ve just finished mapping it out, so next stage is to blend it out and then start bringing it up towards completion.

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